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Samhain 2020


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The night is getting closer and closer .. the wait is felt and the energy increases. There is great strength in the air it is tangible. Soon, the veil that separates the two worlds will open and we could celebrate life on earth.

I call the witches, near and far. No need to name yourself, you know who you are. Come dance with me in the firelight and praise the goddess this full moon night. no matter where you are. Send your soul, travel far. I wait for you, while the sun goes to rest, tonight I will be truly blessed.

Brothers, sisters, dance with me.

With these words our first meeting was introduced.

Unfortunately, the "causes of force majeure" unleashed this year did not allow us to experience it as we had organized, dreamed, desired.

But in all honesty it was magical all the same. We were close to the family, the most intimate people, who shared this moment with us.

Accomplicing glances, sincere smiles, affection are the only words I would use to describe this encounter.

And to conclude this day perfectly, a meditation under the full moon.

Magical and perfect.


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