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Abundance | Balance | Purification




Zodiac sign:

Scorpio and Capricorn



Malachite is a very powerful stone that can amplify both positive and negative emotions. Some people believe that it is still in its evolutionary transition and in this millennium it will evolve to become one of the most important stones of our time. Its ability to purify and absorb negative energy, pollutants, plutonium, electromagnetic smog and radiation requires us to be aware and purify our Malachite before and after each use. Malachite helps balance and align all of our chakras by clearing blockages. Heart Chakra stone, malachite can bring harmony and abundance to the heart, opening the doors for love to flow in and out. Malachite does not win when used as a tool for spiritual growth. It mercilessly shows us what is blocking our growth; pulling out deep feelings and outdated patterns that keep us stuck. It encourages us to take responsibility for our thoughts, actions and behaviors by insisting that we are more empathetic towards others. By going to the inner core of our problems, it supports and heals us as we carry out our spiritual transformation, filling our hearts and minds with abundance. ** Please note that malachite should only be processed in tumbled form due to the toxic dust. Never put malachite in gem water or elixirs. Some people are very sensitive to the energy of malachite and should only wear or use malachite sparingly.

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