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Chakra: Terzo occhio

Segno Zodiacale

Bilancia e Vergine



Prehnite is associated with the heart chakra as it radiates unconditional loving energy upon us. It has a very serene presence that helps us connect with our angels and guides. It seals our auric field allowing only peace and protective energy to flow within. Prehnite is known for its ability to enhance our precognition and prophetic abilities by allowing us to see the path ahead and allowing us to prepare for what is to come. Furthermore, Prehnite encourages harmony with nature and the elemental forces of the Universe by revitalizing our spirit and what surrounds us. Prehnite is a great crystal for the grid as it connects us with the energy grid of the Universe which fills our space with a protective shield and divine energy. It also helps relieve fears and phobias as it works to cure the underlying problems that cause them. Putting Prehnite under your pillow before bed and carrying a piece with you throughout the day can help mitigate nightmares and bad dreams.

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