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Carnelian is a powerful stone connected to our sacral chakra. It helps us regain any personal power we have lost. It improves our energy and vitality by keeping us anchored to the task at hand. Sometimes our past lingers over our heads and we are unable to focus on the present moment. Carnelian encourages us to be present and grounded when decisions need to be made, so as not to allow our past traumas to dictate our current decisions. Carnelian is also known to enhance our personal connection with the spirit, allowing us to connect the discomfort of the body with our emotions, allowing us to resolve repressed emotional problems in order to heal. An excellent stone for elevating creativity, Carnelian opens our minds to new possibilities by encouraging us to think outside the box without worrying about being judged.

Segno Zodiacale

Leone e Cancro


Chakra: Sacrale



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